in a little over a week, i could quite possibly be right here.
although i am terribly excited for all that common touristy rubbish,
if asked to be honest, all i can really think about lately is heading into town
and buying this lovely little number here:

and then catching a train over to paris,
and eating a million or few of these, here:



'clothes are fun but awesome underwear is better' - peaches geldof

oh, i adore her! and miss ultimo.

on another note, in less than ten days i will be on a plane to london. like i said in my post a few months back, im having a winter christmas for the first time in my life. plans changed a little, and i'll be jetting off with my best friend theresa. everythings booked and ready, except for paris accomodation, which is on new years! so much stress and so little time, but im sure three weeks on a european adventure will be well worth the number of headache tablets ive consumed this year. and also, we all know what this means..

back to blogging!

ive finally remembered my password! it only took me a million months to remember. in the time since my last blog ive created various other blogs, but none of which have entertained me much longer than a week. but do check out my tumblr account http//:teacupsandelepants.tumblr.com


long time no blog :(

hello, im back for now. terribly sorry its been so long, but ive had so much going on lately, that i found it hard to keep up. its been two months, and im rather upset that i let it go on for that long. blogging was lots of fun, while it lasted. so i shall try and start again.

has anyone listened to lykke li? if not, i highly recommend you do. her sweet sweet voice makes me sigh with jealousy every single time. two songs of hers that i find sitting cosily in my top 20 songs list are 'dance dance dance' and 'tonight'. go listen now! www.myspace.com/lykkeli.

i want to go to this festival!!!!!! but alas, its HSC time, and the tickets are most likely sold out, knowing my luck. plus, im sure theresa will kill me if i spend anymore money on gigs. but it honestly looks like a wonderful festival that i will fall in love with. not to worry, its definetly on the list for next year. but will crystal castle sbe there next year? i doubt it :(



the weather is just lovely. despite the fact that its raining, im really rather happy about wearing my good old cardies again. its such a relief to blowdry my hair in the morning, and not sweat. the only downside is when youve got ten minutes to run to the station, and have to illegally squash six people into a five seater car, only to get wet and frizzy anyway as you run up the steep steep ramp and down to the waiting train. it literally took us ten minutes to get out of the school carpark, and my leg had gone dead because dillan was lying atop carly mikki and myself. poor corinne, and poor corinnes car. its not very big at all.
a good side of the day was the bus ride from the shops to home. i expected to sit by myself but the bus was so full. i guess it was a good thing though, because i bumped into maie (is that how you spell it), who is a budding designer. her collection is called maiden threads, which i only found out today, and just by looking at her lovely designs, i can tell she'll be big one day. i especially adore her spring/summer collection for 2009, which features many a floral item, my favourite! as soon as i hopped off the bus i rushed home and had a peek on her blog/shop, where she delivers all over the world (i think lol). i was terribly excited to see her designs, and they were very easy on the eye. absolutely lush!!

oh and another cool thing is that, i, regine, own my very own original maiden design. sort of. maie made my year ten formal dress, and im quite proud to say that it recieved plenty of compliments that night. it was a gorgeous floor length strapless with a candy pink satin skirt, layered on top with a sheer black organza. the best bit, i must say, is the back of the bandeau, which maie made into a gorgeous corset. i would take a picture of it, but my friend jessicas stolen it and hidden it somewhere in her wardrobe.

here are some of maies designs, check them out if you love a good buy.

and sorry, but how LUSH is the charlie cami. and the pair of floral bubbles shorts are simply gorgeous. it official people, i am completely in lust with maiden threads.


sportsgirl threads and german friends...

a post for thomas, from cologne germany. it is really really bad. i mixed in general knowledge with the help of a translator haha. im a french student, not a german one, so dont laugh!! =D im really sorry if youre translating this, and thinking i am an absolute idiot. how embarrassing.

Thomas R. von Deutschland, das mein Lookbook liebling von der woche ist, stellen sie ein blog für mich auf englisch, auf selbst wenn seine muttersprache deutsch ist. Ich bin sehr glücklich, ich habe ein groß lächeln auf meinem gesicht.

Ich habe gewählt, ein blog für Thomas auf deutsch, nur zu schreiben, sich zu bedanken

Hier ist seine Krone, haha.

Danke Thomas!

Lesen Sie das Blog von Thomassen hier.
Der lookbook von Thomassen ist hier auch.

english now..lol

Thomas R. of Germany, who is my Lookbook favorite of the week, has placed a blog for me in English, even if his native tongue is German. I am really happy, and have a big smile on my face.

i have chosen to write a blog for him in german, just to say thanks.

and here is his crown, haha

Thanks Thomas!
Read Thomas' blog here.
Thomas' lookbook is here also.

and then...

on a fashion note.. i was on myspace last night, and i saw a little link to myspace fashion australia, and there was an album for sportsgirls autmn/winter '09 collection. its pure goodness, especially that glittery red beret and the black biker jacket, check it out. i cant wait til the enxt season. its alrady cooling down now, which is wierd. just three days ago it was literally 40 degrees celcius, but today its a lovely 18 degrees celcius. im really happy about that, mostly because i can wear my wooly trenchcoat again, and all my lovely scarves can be put to good use.

how utterly gorgeous is the first oufit? so simple yet sooo stylish. kudos to the designers at sportsgirl. go check it out! they deliver overseas, and its oh so cheap, if youre looking for really good quality clothes.


lookbook of the week

my choice for this weeks lookbook is the wonderful Thomas R. from Cologne, Germany. He's a 21yr old visual backup (whatever that is), and i think he's got one of those faces that make you wonder why he got so lucky? I find his photos absultely striking, and it does make me wonder why not all guys look like this.

this picture in particular caught my eye. i think its absolutely lovely, and i fell in love as soon as i laid eyes on it. definetly deserves lookbook of the week, in my opinion. it makes me wonder, actually. Is Thomas R. from Cologne, Germany, a model? Or is he just one of the one in a million guys that appreciate gorgeous photography and striking fashion.

He does have a blog, which ive commented on to make sure he doesnt mind me putting his photos here, but its all in german, i think. I cant read any of it at all, but maybe he understands english. Hopefully. I dont want to upset any lookbook people by putting their images up on here.